Before joining RRHOME, please read the following information to find out if RRHOME is a good fit for you and your family.

Advantages of Joining

  • Fellowship with Christian, homeschooling moms and children.
  • Regularly scheduled activities to encourage friendly interaction.
  • Weekly park dates to encourage friendships.
  • Different clubs available to suit children of all ages.
  • Educational monthly field trips.
  • Fun events we have had in previous years: Not Back to School Party, Easter Celebration, Valentine’s Day, and more.
  • Email support group for sharing and receiving advice.
  • Informative monthly meetings on homeschool related topics.
  • Mom’s Night Out to nurture relationships.
  • Buy and sell at our annual used curriculum sale.
  • Opportunity to share and receive at our clothes/household swaps.
  • Annual Presentation Day for our children to display their talents.
  • We encourage every member to follow their passion on where they feel they should serve.

If you are a Christian, homeschooling mom, who loves to follow her passion in life by serving in a community that serves you and would like to have a safe haven for your children, then this might be the right group for you! If the advantages excite you, read our documentation: