Updated Membership Responsibilities and Requirements

Our moms sign up for where they are passionate within the group.  Whether your passion lies in field trips, mom’s night out, holiday parties, or monthly meetings we want our moms to volunteer where they are guided.  By planning events, members feel ownership of the group as well.  Our prayer is that the moms who sign up will take ownership and meet continually throughout the year. We would like for you to build friendships similar to small groups at church and feel a real connection to RRHOME.

We thank you all so much for helping to make this group and the events that occur each semester  fun and enjoyable for all; without you we would not have such a successful group. Please know that your help will not go unnoticed, and each contribution matters. RRHOME can only work for us if we work for RRHOME.

Each RRHOME year looks much the same, and we know in August each event (and the date on which it falls) that the school year holds. Between monthly meetings (5), park days (20-23), events (1-3), parties (1-3), field trips (2-5), MNO (1-3), and prayer meetings (10), there are 40-52 events per semester. There are many opportunities available for your participation and involvement.

Moving forward, RRHOME will have four possible levels of membership. Each level has varying required participation. The cost of each level will reflect inversely on participation.

1. Active Member/ $20 per semester/ attends 20 activities
2. Participating Member/ $40 per semester/ attends 11-20 activities
3. Member/ $60 per semester/ attends 0-10 activities

4.Veteran member/$20 per semester/attends 2+ activities

In order to qualify for Veteran Member you must have two or more of the following:

– eight or more years homeschooling experience
– One or more years on RRHOME leadership team
– one or more years on Club leadership
– most of your kids in High School or graduated.