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Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a safe haven for our children and yours, we have instituted a Code of Conduct for all members. Each event or activity sponsored by or associated with RRHOME provides opportunities for training our children in appropriate behavior with various ages and understanding that we desire to support each other in the Godly raising of our children.

  • Each parent is responsible to properly attend to their own children at all times or to previously arrange for another adult to be responsible for them.
  • No child is permitted to continually or excessively disturb other children present with bullying, teasing, coarse jesting, rough play, or crude talk.
  • Violent behavior in the form of threats, physical contact, or striking is not allowed including the willful defacing of property.

Learning good public behavior means talking to our children before we arrive about what is expected and correcting them when improper attitudes are present.

Other parents in attendance are not expected to look after someone else’s children but will be allowed to intervene if there is a need.  The responsible adult should be notified if this occurs.

If your child exhibits any of the above behavior at an RRHOME sponsored event, it is highly recommended that your family leave the event for the safety of all our children. If you choose not to leave, you may be asked to leave by another parent.

If offending behavior is witnessed or reported, the Leadership Board will begin an intervention procedure, which will focus on restoration through viewpoints, appropriate boundaries, and acceptable behavior.

All warnings will be in writing. The third and final warning will result in the removal of the family from the RRHOME group for one year.  If you are removed from the group twice, the second removal is permanent.

In order to promote a Godly Spirit and remove temptations, we request that the following dress code be adhered to for all RRHOME Events.

  • All dress should be modest as becomes a Christian; not too tight, not see-through, not too high or too low.
  • For pool days boys should wear swim trunks or shorts and a tee shirt or rash guard - please do not swim shirtless.
  • Girls should wear modest a one-piece suit, tankini, or shorts and rash guards - please no bikinis