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***We accept applications year-round, but will only review them  for admission during the months of July-September, and January. Please be aware that someone will reach out to you during that time frame to set up a phone interview. If you have a time-pressing question, please use the contact us button.***


Before applying to join RRHOME, please read the following information to find out if RRHOME is a good fit for you and your family.

Advantages and Responsibilities of Membership

  • Participation in fellowship with Christian, homeschooling moms and children.
  • Weekly park dates to encourage friendships.
  • A monthly board game club for 8 yr olds and up.
  • Monthly teen coffee dates
  • Educational monthly field trips.
  • Additional optional events: Not Back to School Party, Friendsgiving, Valentine’s Day, and more.
  • Forum support group for sharing and receiving advice, upcoming events in the community and in our group.
  • Informative monthly meetings on homeschool related topics.
  • Mom’s Night Out to nurture relationships
  • Twice a year Date Nights for couples interaction
  • Opportunity to share and receive at our clothes/household swaps.
  • Every mom commits to serving with a group of at least 3 other moms for planning and implementing one month’s events. Mom's of the Month. Leadership helps walk you through this.
  • Annual dues of $40

If you are a Christian, homeschooling mom, who loves to follow her passion in life by serving in a community that serves you and would like to have a safe haven for your children, then this might be the right group for you! If the advantages excite you, please read our documentation BEFORE applying. You will be required to agree to these and will be held accountable for them. Failure to abide by any of these documents will necessitate immediate removal from the group.

After you have submitted your inquiry, our New Member Coordinator will reach out to you (during July-September, or January) with additional application questions. Once your application is approved and your dues are submitted, you will recieve access to the website.

Apply for Membership